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Consulting Services and Key Emphasis

  • Geological and Geophysical Consulting
  • Large and Complex Modeling Projects
  • Equity Experts
  • Workflow Automation
  • Custom Development


  • Experienced Staff and Partners
  • Onsite/Offsite Consulting
  • Use SCM or Client Hardware/Software

SCM offers an extensive range of geological, geophysical, and reservoir engineering consulting services. Our consultants have a proven track record for delivering quality results on time and within budget and all have 20+ years of industry experience and have worked development, appraisal, exploration, and equity determination projects worldwide. In addition, all of our staff have worked for major oil companies.

SCM provides onsite geoscience and software support consultants worldwide. At SCM we have extensive experience in quickly becoming part of your project team. SCM can meet your technical staffing needs whether you are looking for a geophysicist, geologist, computer technologist, or application support specialist. We will place staff in your office on either short or long term contracts. SCM specializes in providing experienced geoscientists who have practical working knowledge of the area, the software, and the required tasks so startup time is minimal and results are facilitated. The support person can help design workflows, improve efficiency, facilitate data loading and migration, and perform interpretation tasks as well. All placements have the full backing and support of the entire SCM organization and its expertise

We believe the market is forming a new paradigm where the best solution for project staffing is a balance between in-house personnel and external technology experts. The utilization of consultants provides an effective method of controlling overhead costs, without having to continuously endure the painful hiring-and-firing cycles familiar throughout the industry.

Using Schlumberger and Landmark applications for:

    Geology and Modeling:
  • Petrel Consulting, Training, and Mentoring

  • 3D Geocellular Modeling

  • Reservoir Characterization

  • Geological Mapping

  • 3D Framework Building

  • Log Correlation

  • Geophysics:
  • Seismic Interpretation (Exploration and Development)

  • Seismic Attribute Analysis

  • Synthetic/Well Tie

  • Depth Conversion

  • Geostatistics

  • Projects:
  • Equity Experts

  • Project Management

  • Volume Assessments/Audits

  • Services via Partner Companies:
  • Reservoir Engineering

  • Reservoir Simulation

  • Petrophysical Interpretation

  • Programming and Support:
  • Custom Macros, Programs and Workflows

  • Data Tranlations Specialist

  • Phone/E-mail Support Services

SCM performs custom Petrel workflow development, Z-MAP Plus macro writing and programming to enhance the productivity of your geoscientists and technologists, as well as, the quality of their results. As part of your project team, our consultants will analyze your work processes and procedures to develop appropriate and cost-effective workflow improvements. The solutions are built within the framework of your work and system environment as customized workflows, macros, scripts, and programs. The solutions will incorporate the best practices from our experiences of working with other companies and projects.

SCM would like to talk to you about your consulting needs. For more details, contact SCM at

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