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Petrel Immersion Training

Duration: 2-3 weeks (up to 15 days)
Class Type: Short lectures with many exercises on the computer
Overview: Anyone who is going to use Petrel to do E&P work or support/mentor those who will do that work. This course is ideal for the user or support personnel who need to quickly understand the complete range of functionality of the Petrel G&G workflow.
Who should attend: Anyone who needs to use Petrel for all of the following:
  • Loading and QCing data
  • Seismic Interpretation
  • Mapping
  • Petrophysical Modeling
  • Volume Calculation
  • Simple or Complex Fault Modeling
  • Data Analysis
  • Property Modeling
  • Workflow Automation
What will they Learn:
Unfamiliarity with Petrel
Become comfortable with Petrel's file structure and interface
Don't know how to get a Petrel project started or help someone to start one
Learn how to plan a project and successfully complete that project
Unfamiliarity with all the different modules within Petrel
Learn about all of the functionality that Petrel has to offer
Need to get up to speed quickly
Extended and project focus training to accomplish your goals

Immersion Training allows the student to understand the entire Petrel G&G workflow to:

  • Quickly get your E&P project started and completed
  • Mentor or support the E&P staff that uses Petrel
Course Agenda:

  • Week 1 - (2 Days) Basics, (2 Days) Seismic Interpretation and (1 Day) Petrel Workflows - This introductory week is appropriate for the person who has never touched Petrel, has only worked in Petrel a few days, or has used Petrel a little but not in the last 6 months. It provides a solid background for all Petrel users, from those who only plan to load and QC data to those who will perform seismic interpretation and build simple models. All users of Petrel need to import, export, and QC data, build and use grids and polygons, and generate simple work displays. The final day of this week is Petrel Workflows where the user will learn to automate tasks for documentation, realizations, automation, updates, and sensitivities.
  • Week 2 - (5 Days) Intermediate - This week is for those Petrel users who are comfortable importing and manipulating data in the Input tab of Petrel (points, lines, grids, well tops and logs) and wish to process petrophysical data on a by-zone basis. It teaches Petrel techniques for calculating zone average petrophysical values and gridding those data. It also teaches the quick method for inserting horizons (unfaulted) and zone average petrophysical grids into a 3D Grid. Once in a 3D Grid, Petrel's automated volumetric tool is used to calculate volumes on a by-zone by-polygon basis. This module essentially teaches the volumetric workflow used in Z-MAP Plus or CPS-3 but does it within the Petrel environment.
  • Week 3 - (2 Days) Advanced Structural Framework and (3 Days) Property Modeling - This module is for Petrel users who build 2D structure and isochore grids and need to link those grids together in a three-dimensional stratigraphic framework. The structures are assumed to be faulted and the faults are built into the framework. The module covers fault modeling, designing the X-Y dimensions of the cells, inserting primary horizons, tuning fault displacements, inserting sub-seismic horizons, and defining the vertical cell layering within each zone. These framework building techniques are required for zone average petrophysical mapping and geocellular modeling in a faulted geologic environment. This week also covers the following topics: Well Log Upscaling, Facies Data Analysis, Facies Modeling, Property Calculator, Operations and Filter, Petrophysical Data Analysis, and Petrophysical Modeling. The student learns to use each of these tools and at the end reinforces this knowledge with a half day property modeling project.

If you would like to register or talk with SCM about your training needs please contact Marilyn Walden at or 713-871-1800.

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