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Petrel Modeling Workflow

Duration: Five (5) days
Class Type: Short lectures with many exercises on the computer
Overview: This course combines the Advanced Structural Framework (first two days) and the Property Modeling (last three days) courses. It is designed for geoscientists and focuses on modeling faults and their displacements, performing log operations, log upscaling, facies modeling, petrophysical modeling, and calculating volumes using these properties.
Who should attend: Geoscientists and Engineers who are going to use Petrel to build reservoir models for the purpose of well planning, volume calculation, geologic understanding, or reservoir simulation.

This course requires a basic knowledge of Petrel's file manipulation and display tools.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be comfortable:

  • Modeling faults and their displacements
  • Performing log operations
  • Log upscaling
  • Facies modeling
  • Petrophysical modeling
  • Calculating volumes using these properties
What will they Learn:
Unfamiliarity with Petrel fault modeling
Become comfortable with Petrel's fault modeling
Unfamiliarity with facies modeling in Petrel
Learn how to do facies modeling
Unfamiliarity with petrophysical modeling in Petrel
Learn how to model the various types of petrophysical data

Modeling Workflow is separated into five parts (one each day):

  • Building un-faulted structural frameworks focusing on data, parameters and geologic relationships
  • Building faulted structural frameworks including parameter and editing techniques for controlling vertical separation along faults and at bifurcations
  • Facies modeling using object and pixel based techniques
  • Petrophysical modeling of porosity, permeability, net-to-gross and water saturation
  • A geocellular modeling project to reinforce the skills learned
Course Agenda:

  • Using 2D Grids to QC and prepare structure input
  • Make Simple Grid (automated framework building)
  • Pillar Gridding, Make Horizons, Make Zones and Layering
  • Fault modeling direct from data and by digitizing
  • Advanced techniques for Make Horizons and Make Zones
  • Log calculations and log upscaling
  • Facies Data analysis (facies proportions, correlations, variograms)
  • Facies modeling (objects, SIS, transition)
  • Petrophysical data analysis (transforms, variograms)
  • Petrophysical modeling (SGS, co-kriging, trends)
  • Volume calculation

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