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Petrel Property Modeling

Duration: Three (3) days
Class Type: Short lectures with many exercises on the computer
Overview: This course covers the following topics: Well Log Upscaling, Facies Data Analysis, Facies Modeling, Property Calculator, Operations and Filter, Petrophysical Data Analysis, and Petrophysical Modeling. The student learns to use each of these tools and at the end reinforces this knowledge with a half day property modeling project.
Who should attend: Anyone who needs to use Petrel to assign facies or petrophysical values to the cells of 3D Grids.
What will they Learn:
A 3D Grid is empty of properties
Add facies or petrophysical values to the cells
Do not know how to upscale a log
Learn how to upscale a log
Do not know how to analyze petrophysical data in Petrel
Learn how to analyze and model petrophysical data

Property Modeling includes the following processes:

  • Well Log Upscaling - This process assigns values from wells to cells of a property model that are penetrated by those wells.
  • Facies Data Analysis - Understanding how facies are distributed vertically in a zone, defining variograms, correlating facies with seismic attributes and facies thickness analysis.
  • Facies Modeling - This section covers pixel based and object base facies modeling. An additional section is presented to introduce methods for controlling areal facies trends.
  • Property Calculator, Operations and Filter - These utilities are discussed because many models are built by combining two other models through the operations process and once built, the filter tool is essential to QC the property model.
  • Petrophysical Data Analysis - Histograms and cross plots represent one style of data analysis while transforms and variograms represent another.
  • Petrophysical Modeling - The two primary approaches to modeling, directly from data (common for porosity) and using another property to guide the distribution (common for permeability) are described.

It is possible to swap the data used for the final exercise with the student's data. When this is done, care must be taken to ensure that the goals are appropriate for the time available. Using student data allows productive work to be performed while in class.

Course Agenda:

  • Property Modeling Introduction
  • Understanding Variograms
  • Well Log Upscaling
  • Facies Modeling - Introduction
  • Facies Modeling - Data Analysis
  • Facies Modeling - Object Based
  • Facies Modeling - Pixel Based
  • Facies Modeling - Deterministic
  • Facies Modeling - SIS Algorithm
  • Petrophysical Modeling - Introduction
  • Petrophysical Modeling - Data Analysis
  • Petrophysical Modeling - Porosity
  • Petrophysical Modeling - Permeability
  • Petrophysical Modeling - SGS Algorithm
  • Property Calculator
  • Property Operations
  • Geocellular Modeling Project

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