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Petrel Workflows (Process Manager)

Duration: One (1) day
Class Type: Short lectures with many exercises on the computer
Overview: This course is designed for Petrel users who want to automate tasks for documentation, realizations, automation, updates, and sensitivities. The course assumes a working knowledge of Petrel. The student must know how to set up and execute all processes he wants to put in the workflow. A basic knowledge of programming (Loops, If-Then-Else, etc.) is helpful, but not necessary.
Who should attend: Those who need to use Petrel to do repetetive processes, update a model, or sensitivities.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Make multiple surfaces
  • Run simple loops
  • Make multiple maps
  • Automate plotting of multiple maps
  • Rerun 3D Grid construction steps
What will they Learn:
Running Petrel interactively takes many steps
Reduce the number of steps by using Process Manager Workflows
Running Petrel interactively can lead to selecting incorrect files and parameters
Reduce the chance for error by using Process Manager Workflows
Must do the same process repeatedly for many different datasets
Model the procedure in a Workflow and change only the data

Process Manager lets you set up and run "canned" processing steps.

It is a Tool for Setting up and Managing Processing Steps for:

  • Documentation - Provides a record of how a model was created and parameters used
  • Realizations - Can create many different property realizations, aiding in uncertainty analysys
  • Automation - Use to automate repetitive mapping tasks
  • Updates - Allows automatic update of a model after input data has changed
  • Sensitivities - Use to create multiple versions of the model to test parameter settings
Course Agenda:

  • Overview of Process Manager
    • Where to find Workflows
    • How to build a new Workflow
    • How to access an existing Workflow
    • Workflow Functions (Utilities, Operations and Processes)
    • Saving, Testing and Executing Workflows
    • How to display objects in a Petrel Window
  • Beginner (Simple) Skills:
    • Use the Workflow Manager to recreate steps used to build a 3D Grid
    • Allows reviewing parameters used
    • Allows re-building a 3D Grid with changed parameters
    • Use of Comments and Messages
    • Use of Variables
    • Assigning Names to Variables
  • Advanced (Complex) Skills:
    • Create procedures involving complex logic
    • "Loops" and "If" statements drive logic
    • Variables capture and pass data to processes
    • How to "Nest" loops
    • Subroutines can be created

If you would like to register or talk with SCM about your training needs please contact Marilyn Walden at or 713-871-1800.

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